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How To Use

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step-11. Before installation, wash your hands, eyewear and lenses with liquid oil free soap in hot water and rinse thoroughly ensuring that the eyewear and all surfaces are squeaky clean.


step-22. Determine which side of the lens and place your thumb and forefinger on the corners of each lens and squeezing gently.

The inner concave side of the curve of the lens should make contact with the inside surface of the eyewear to achieve suction.

step-33. With a liberal amount of hot water from the kettle in the well of the inside surface of the eyewear, it is recommended to place one OPTX • 20/20 HydroTacTM lens at a time on the eyewear.

NOTE: The use of hot water will soften the lenses to make them more pliable and conforming to the lens shape of your eyewear. You will see the lens go foggy and then clear as it softens in the hot water.

step-4-54. Position lenses as low and as close to the nose bridge of the glasses as possible. Here’s a hint: You can place your eyewear over the die-cut lens shape of the packaging and use this as a guide to position your lenses.

5. Gently press the lens to remove excess air bubbles from underneath the lens. Repeat with the second lens.

step-66. Put the eyewear on to check for proper positioning. At this point the lenses should be removed if required to adjust to correct positioning by repeating the above. The OPTX • 20/20 HydroTac™ lenses should not block distance vision

step-77. Using a lint free towel or tissue, carefully pat away the excess water from each lens. Let your OPTX • 20/20 HydroTacTM lenses dry for at least one hour. Your vision through the lenses will be blurry until they have completely dried. It is recommended that you let the lenses dry for 12 hours if possible. This is part of the HydroTac technology that creates a bond between OPTX • 20/20 lenses and the lenses on the eyewear.

NOTE: Before you use your newly installed lenses, if dry patches appear under the lens, you need to remove, clean again and reapply. If you don’t reapply the lens, the dry air pocket will spread and the lens will unexpectedly separate from the glasses.

NOTE: For scuba diving, let the OPTX • 20/20  lenses set for at least 48 hours before diving. Then they will be perfectly dry and will stay on, even if your dive mask floods.

step-88. If you need to remove your lenses for any reason, simply place your fingernail under on corner of the lens and gently peel off.

Customising your lenses:

step-99. OPTX • 20/20 HydroTacTM lenses are designed to fit most eyewear. For some applications however depending on the different shape of eyewear, the lenses may need to be trimmed either from the top or the bottom to a smaller size. Remember the OPTX • 20/20 lenses should not impair your distance vision. To trim your lenses to appropriate size use a VERY SHARP pair of scissors. When lenses are trimmed follow directions above to reinstall them.

Special note:

tipThe internal carry case with the lenses in, may be used as a convenient emergency pair of reading glasses. Use for reading Menus, Maps, Telephone Books or anything that needs Quick Magnification.