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Harley Davidson – HOG Heaven with OPTX 20/20 Lenses


I can see clearly now…by  ZERO

Yarra Valley Chapter 9144 HOG Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 1 June 2010


OK, hands up all those under 45….. Thank you – now piss off! This is not for you children.


Go on, leave now… Don’t dawdle; close the door behind you…


Great, now it’s only us “grown-ups”. You know how it is, the writing on menus & newspapers gets smaller & smaller and your arms seem to get shorter until you finally HAVE to go out & buy a pair of reading glasses. I got mine a few years ago; +1 strength seems to be fine for working on the computer & reading most things, apart from when the light level goes down… but more on that later. Long sight is still fine though, thank heavens!


The trouble is that the speedometer is a bit blurry & “sorry Officer, I couldn’t read my

Speedo” doesn’t seem to cut the ice. Let alone trying to read the clock that Harley-Davidson have so thoughtfully provided us as an option to viewing the mileage

Well, my friends, I have found the solution. I first saw these in an advert in a trade magazine at work & though – they look like a good idea. I came across them in the flesh, so to speak a few weeks ago at Safety in Action exhibition at Jeffs Shed. They are called OPTX 20/20 HydroTac Magnification Lenses. They are stick on bifocals for your riding safety glasses or goggles.


The great thing about them is that they are removable, just get a fingemail under & peel them off and reusable should you happen to break said safety glasses.  I tried a few on at the exhibition & here’s where we come back to the low light level issue mentioned

before. As I said, I normally use a +1 strength reader but I do have some stronger ones,

+2 for work in the shed at night & even some +3 for soldering or really fine work. I found that with dark safety glasses I needed a +1.75 strength to see sharply at arms length (for my GPS), so this is something to consider if you decide to get some of these.

These are only available via the web at the moment, go to to read all about them & order yourself a pair or give them a call on 1300 6789 20.  I can heartily recommend them as I can now not only see my GPS and clock on the speedo, I can also see the two dots between the hour & minute digits!


Can somebody let the children back in now?