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“New” product Optx 20/20 mags for the “mature” angler

Postby Skeets on Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:36 pm

A plug for a product I found a while ago, by accident, and am now an adamant fan for and advocate of: Optx 20/20 magnifiers. I am plugging them because I think they are such a great way of helping the more mature anglers amonst us.

They are small plastic lenses (in a semi circle shape) made of flexible plastic that stick to the inside of your glasses, be it prescription or ordinary. You can trim them to shape with scissors. Adhesion is just by wetting them and pressing, that simple. You can peel them off at any time with your fingers. You can apply them on the river.

At my age, on the cusp of of bi/multi focals, I am changing prescription lenses more often than those younger folk. I’ve used the clip mags also for many years, and they can be a pain. I’ve managed to tangle my line up in them (don’t ask how, but its usually on an over the shoulder cast for wind), catch them on bushes, and unless you have a wide brim hat to screen from the sun, I found out that they tend to catch the sunlight and become a gleaming flashing beacon on your head (not preferable when stalking wary trout, esp. in NZ!).

The Optx are a god send, and extremely practical, because they become one with your glasses. No flimsy add ons. Can be removed and re-applied easily, no weight and no fuss. They provide between +1.25 to +3.0 magnification in your ordinary or prescription sunnies/glasses. Just right for those of us who need a bit of help in tieing on a fly or new tippet at dusk or night (why is it that this always happens right on the cusp of the best fishing time?).

I got my first couple of pairs from Aussie Angler, but seem to have bought out their limited stock. So I googled, and found the local company that imports them, based in Perth. Optx Australasia in Perth is the Australasian distributor. The link is, you can mail order without a problem. I recommend this as an option to check out.

best regards

P.S. I am not in any way commercially affiliated or associated with this product. I’m just a really big fan of it after using it for some time